This website is a collection of content from Living with Energy in Iowa magazine, which is published monthly and distributed to member-consumers of Iowa's locally owned electric cooperatives. Some content and resources from the printed magazine are made available online through this website, including recipes, the monthly editor's choice contest, and articles on energy efficiency, safety and cooperative principles. The magazine and website are published by the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives (IAEC).

IAEC is a trade association established to support the interests of member-owned electric cooperatives, including 37 distribution co-ops and eight generation and transmission co-ops. Formed in 1942, IAEC aims to unify and empower Iowa's electric cooperatives through legislative representation, regulatory oversight, training and education services, safety programs, communications support and advocacy.

Owned by the member-consumers we serve, Iowa’s community-focused electric cooperatives power the lives of 650,000 Iowans throughout all 99 counties and are committed to delivering power that is safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible. Built by the communities we serve, Iowa’s electric co-ops have also invested heavily in local economic development for decades. Click here to learn more.