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How Your Electric Cooperative Works

Iowa Organizations

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How Your Electric Cooperative Works

How dependable electricity reaches you
Illustration showing how electricity flows to your home, farm or business

How power is restored after an outage
Illustration showing why restoring the power after a storm involves much more than just pulling a fallen tree off a downed power line

Iowa Organizations

Go to my electric cooperative's Web site
Links to all electric cooperatives in the state

Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives (IAEC)
Des Moines-based service organization representing the state's electric cooperatives and the member-consumers they serve

Iowa Rural Electric Cooperatives Youth Tour
All-expenses-paid trips to Washington, D.C., for high school students, sponsored by Iowa's electric cooperatives

Iowa Area Development Group (IADG)
Marketing and economic development organization for Iowa's rural electric cooperatives

Iowa Energy Center
Agency committed to establishing high-quality, honest, and accurate information to assist Iowans in making smart and sustainable energy choices

Iowa One Call
Locates and marks underground utilities. Call 811 before you dig!

Iowa State University Extension
Builds partnerships and provides research-based learning opportunities to improve quality of life in Iowa

Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
State agency responsible for maintaining parks and forests, protecting the environment and managing energy, fish, wildlife and land and water resources


National Organizations

Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives
An alliance of local, member-owned utilities, committed to providing superior service and energy solutions

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)
Service organization representing the national interests of electric cooperative utilities and the member-consumers they serve

Energy Star
Joint program of the DOE and EPA charged with protecting the environment and saving consumers money through energy-efficient products and practices
U.S. Department of Energy website about solutions for powering America and securing its future

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Market-driven solutions for energy-saving homes, buildings and manufacturing; sustainable transportation; and renewable electricity generation

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal agency responsible for protecting human health and safeguarding the natural environment – air, water and land

Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)
Nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety in the home and workplace

Safe Electricity
A program of the nonprofit Energy Education Council that provides consumer information to compliment the safety education activities of utilities and educators

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
Nonprofit organization committed to advancing energy efficiency to promote economic prosperity and environmental protection

Alliance to Save Energy (ASE)
Promotes energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment and greater energy security

EPA program that seeks to protect the future of nation's water supply by offering people a simple way to use less water with water-efficient products, new homes and services

The Tax Incentives Assistance Project
Information on federal income tax incentives for energy-efficient products and technologies


Energy-Efficiency Tools

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives: Together We Save
The power of co-op membership: Includes an interactive Energy Savings Home Tour to help you create greater comfort and improve energy management in your home

Iowa Energy Center Home Series
Energy-saving tips on home tightening, insulation and ventilation; home heating; home cooling; water heating; and major home appliances
Safety topics, energy-saving tips and calculators, and contractors' list
Interactive site with game that helps kids analyze their home's energy efficiency; information on saving energy for adults too

Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick
With a year's worth of utility bills in hand, calculate your home's energy efficiency in about 5 minutes

Energy Star Change the World
Pledge to make a change in lighting, appliances, water heating and tightening your home to save energy and protect the climate

Energy Star Special Offer/Rebate Locator
Find special offers, credits or rebates on appliances, electronics, heating and cooling equipment and other qualified products from Energy Star partners

Energy Star Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator
Time to replace your refrigerator – or get rid of the old one in your garage or basement? Find out how much energy it's wasting

Energy Star New Homes Partner Locator
Locate home builders and developers who build Energy Star qualified new homes, electric co-ops that offer special incentives, home energy raters that can verify the energy efficiency of a home and lenders that offer energy-efficient mortgages


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